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I believe in you already, I am here to relate to you and help you grow into a beautiful person. I have endured heartbreak, abandonment, and anger/frustration just like many others, but I was taught how to let go and step into my highest power. Now I like to pay it forward by teaching you. I learned how to take responsibility for my life, and about the power of manifestation. I want to share it with you and I want to help you manifest the life of your dreams. I am here for you.

Host of the Stupid Wise Girl podcast

Publicist for Mindful Media PR

Expert Clubhouse Moderator

Learn the power of my methods in a fast, but efficient 8 week program.
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Uncover / Acknowledge

 Let’s Unwire Old Beliefs, and find where these limiting beliefs began.



Let’s Identify what triggers you? Learn how to tame the ego, and live in a grateful &  flow state.

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Remove Subconscious Beliefs

Let’s get rid of the thoughts holding you back, and take control of your mind to break bad patterns and change habits that no longer serve you

Attract the customers you desire, by consciously creating a brand that communicates efficiently and effectively . Understand colors, typography, toneality, & messaging on a spiritual and energentic level.

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From a young age we are all conditioned to think and become similar to the people that are closest to us. We vibrate on lower frequencies due to our fears and our doubts. It is important for each one of us to get to a place where we make the best choices and become the best version of ourselves. Learn to step into your wise, higher consciousness episode by episode. Listen today to hear:• How to understand and accept your journey• How to protect and raise your energy• How to set a clear vision for your future & so much more!